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Getting things to work is shockingly easy: just download the Chromecast app to your smart device, start it up and point it towards the already connected Chromecast Audio device. The app also shows you what apps are compatible with the Chromecast protocol: NPR One, Google Play Music, Deezer, Rdio and many others. But quality streaming services like Tidal and Qobus are not supported - or is it ‘do not support Chromecast’? To me, living in the Apple eco system, only Plex was available as a uncompressed source.




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You don’t need me to know that Chromecast Audio works like a charme, it seems that about every vlogger but me was sent a review sample. My task is to judge whether it could be used for quality audio reproduction. I know that ‘quality audio’ is a poorly defined qualification, that’s why I use my three reference sets. Already on my € 900 set 3 the Chromecast Audio performed so poorly, both analogue and digital out, that there was no point in going to Set 2. The stereo image is completely squeezed together, instruments are no longer separate entities, it’s just one mash of sound. To understand why Google did bring out this product, I hooked it up to a Logitech iPod speaker. Since the resolution of this speaker might even be lower than that of the Chromecast Audio and since the Chromecast Audio doesn’t sound sharp or harsh, that combo worked just fine. 


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