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NuPrime uDSDDutch distributor Dimex offered me a d/a-converter by the name of NuPrime uDSD that caused a deja vu.  The NuPrime uDSD looked a lot like the NuForce µDAC3 I reviewed in March 2015. It is bigger but it has the same fingerprint.  It appears that NuForce was sold to video projector company Optoma and one of the designers, together with some investors, started a new company named NuPrime that, amongst other audio electronics, issued the uDSD d/a-converter. It does PCM up to 384 kHz and DSD up to DSD256. It is fully USB Audio Profile 2 compatible which means it will play on any computer without driver, with the exception of all Windows computers for which NuPrime has drivers on their website.




Like the µDAC3 it uses an extruded aluminium housing with on the front a volume control that doubles as power switch and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Two small lights indicate whether a PCM or DSD signal is playing. The rear contains left and right analogue out plus an SPDIF output, all three on very sturdy gold plated RCA’s. Unlike the µDAC3 the USB input is on the left side. The advantage is that a fill size USB type B chassis part is used which is more sturdy than the Mini USB on the µDAC3. It also means that the USB connector will be sticking out from the side. 


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