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by Hans Beekhuyzen
Getest M2Tech Young 384kHz d/a-converter

Our first encounter with M2Tech was through the HiFace asynchronous USB to SPDIF converter. Then I met CEO and founder if this small Italian company, Marco Manunta, during the High End Munich Show in 2008 while he was making his rounds with the CEO of the Dutch distributor Durob, Herman van den Dungen. Herman van den Dungen and Marco ManuntaMarco spoke enthused about  the three d/a-convers he was working on, the EVO DAC, the Young reviewed here and a model topping the range. They all would offer asynchronous USB up to 32 bit / 384 kHz sampling. They should also offer AES/EBU, SPDIF and TosLink inputs. Marco shurely got my attention!

The Young measures 20 cm / 8 inch wide and deep and 5 cm / 2 inch high.  An extruded aluminum case with a cnc’d logo on the top holds a slightly curved perforated black metal front that holds two buttons, one power button and a sequencial input selector. A LED display behind the perforated metal shows the chosen input. As soon as the unit locks to the signal, the sample frequency is shown instead. It’s not super elegant but unmistakingly clear. Design elegance isn’t a forte of the Young anyway, despite being Italian. It’s rather German eighties, solid. The same solidity goes for the connectors on the rear. They are mounted directly on the PCB but are also screwed on the rear panel. There are two coaxial SPDIF inputs, one on RCA and one on BNC. The BNC is preferable, of cource, since it adheres far better to the 75 Ω than the RCA connector.

M2Tech Young d/a-converter - rear

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