TheHBproject is a Dutch site that continues the work tech journalist Hans Beekhuyzen and his editorial staff did for the well respected but discontiued Dutch magazine Vi-fi. Over time more translations of the Dutch articles will appear here.

About Hans Beekhuyzen (editor)

Hans Beekhuyzen

Before starting his carreer as a professional tech journalist, he sold hifi and recording equipment for ten years. Since 1978 he wrote, later aided by Peter van Willenswaard, for a large number of magazines in The Netherlands, the UK and the VS: Audio & Techniek, Chip, Hifi Video Test, Home Studio, Music International, One to One, Pro Sound News, Radio Bulletin, Soundcheck, Stereophile and Studio Sound. He also translated user manuals for products like the Teac Tascam Portastudio 144 and 244 and wrote for the Dutch HP magazine on networks. Since 1989 he was the publishing editor of Pro-Audio Magazine that later became Pro Audio Video. From 2004 to 2011 he also was the publishing editor of Vi-fi, a magazine aimed at the serious consumer hifi and video market. He started The Hans Beekhuyzen Project in 2011 folllowed in 2014 by The HB Channel


Reference sets:


Setup 1: Audio Physic Scorpio loudspeakers, REL Brittania B2 subwoofer,  Ayre Acoustics AX-5 Twenty amplifierMiniDSP SHD Studio room correction, Mytek Brooklin Bridge d/a-converter with Auralic Aries G2 digital transport,  Intel NUC7i7 running Roon Rock, UpTone Audio EtherREGEN audiophile switch (alternatively SOtM sNH-10G audiophile 10 port switch),  Elac Discovery running Roon Essentials. Cables: Grimm Audio SQM and TPMCrystal Cable Diamond and Grimm Audio TPM Interlinks, AudioQuest Robin Hood Zero loudspeaker cables. Crystal Cable Diamond, Transparent Power cablesAudioQuest Diamond CAT7 ethernet cable, AudioQuest Diamond USB A to B cableTransparent PowerIsolator 8 en Isotek mains filters. Linear power supplies SBooster BOTW P&P ECO MK II and Lexicone Acoustics Syntaxx .  Total shop price: ±€ 30.000

For comparison with other € 2k streamers and transports I use the SOtM sMS-200 Ultra NEO 

Setup 2: Marantz KI Lite amplifier, Bluesound Node 2i or Auralic Aries MiniAllo USBridge Signature with Denafrips Ares II d/a-converter, Acoustic Energy Radiance One loudspeakers, REL T5 subwoofer, Siltech London interlink, Kimber 4PR loudspeaker cable. Linear power supplie by SBooster.  Total shop price: ±€ 4.000 excluding Intel NUC/Roon Rock,  AQVox AQ-Switch SE,

Setup 3: NAD C316BEE amplifier, Allo USBridge network bridge, AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt d/a-converter,  Mordaunt-Short Avant 902 loudspeakers, REL T5 subwoofer, Audioquest Red River interlink, Audioquest Cinnamon USB, Kimber 2PR loudspeaker cable. Linear power supplies by SBooster.  Total shop price: ±€ 1000 excluding Intel i3 NUC running Roon Rock)

Headphones: Dali IO6, AudioQuest Nighthawk, Sony MDR-EX700, Argon EP4002  

NAD T758 V3 receiver, Mirage OS3-CC + 4 x OS3-Sat  (surround speakers -  stereo set 1 is used for l+r), Sony Playstation, Apple TV version 4, Panasonic TX-P50VT50 50" Plasma. Total shop price: ± € 39.000

These reference sets are just that: a reference for both the reviewer and the reader. They are not necceserely the best equipment at any time. However, they are certainly amongst the better equipment in each price range.